The Nest is Empty…it’s your turn now!

As homemakers for the last 20-something years, once our youngest child heads off to college many of us emerge unemployed from the job of domestic engineer. This can be a very stressful time. As much as we may look forward to some peace, and less chaos in the house, it’s actually the chaos and activity we crave. But we can’t get that job back. That part of it is over.

So now what? Where do empty-nesters like us begin? How do we figure out what to do with the next half of our lives?

The first thing to do is to gain a greater understanding of our own personal interests. Try making a list of anything and everything that sounds interesting to you. Leave nothing off. If you once had ambitions to sing Violetta at the Metropolitan Opera, put it on the list. You never know where the idea can lead you.

Now make a list of all the things you can do. Homemakers have tons of skills that at first glance may not appear so obvious but may really include lots of managerial and organizational skills. As a full time parent you may have been involved in the PTA or sports teams. You probably organized countless athletic banquets, raised money for various school clubs, sold athletic apparel, manned ticket booths, organized and baked for bake sales, rallied the Booster Club, chaperoned field trips, worked with the school administration to develop new programs, and countless other tasks.

WOW! Once these lists are made you will see how much you’ve actually done. Now it’s time to put it all together and use what you already know about yourself to shape your next step towards your future.

Head 4 Success is the perfect tool to help you discover your personality style, personal interests, and discover how these personal attributes can be applied towards finding a new career.  Through an easy and fun online assessment and a private consultation with our expert, you will quickly be on the road to your next destination.

Take the first step. Make those lists. Evaluate all you have done, all you can do, and all you want to do.

Go for it, grab a cup of coffee, a pad and pen and start writing.

Then go to your computer and type in and I will be there to lead you on your way.

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