One Week Until The Nest Is Empty.

Even though my nest is about to empty for the second time, I must admit I have noticed that “the blues” have descended upon me. The first time my nest went from 3 to 2, was very traumatic; from 2 to 1 less traumatic; from 1 to none EXTREMELY traumatic.

However, after a couple of weeks, I began to enjoy the freedom that the empty nest provides. The impromptu midweek movies, dinners out, or simple meals for just two started to feel great! I quickly learned to love the ease with which I could flow through life’s simple daily tasks.

As the summer approached I anticipated feelings of not only happiness at having a house full of kids and their friends coming and going, but also (at times) resentment at the mess, the cooking, the cleaning, the noise, the waiting to see who was coming and going when.

But now that I am one week away from facing that empty nest again, I must admit I feel “the blues” emerging. Not quite as intensely as they had a year ago, but the feelings are there. I keep trying to remind myself of how wonderful the spontaneity of life is when the nest is empty, and realize that I will quickly fall into step with my daily rituals and routines. I guess change is always a bit difficult, even when we know what to expect.

I spent my first year as an empty nester developing a new business, designed to help people just like me figure out what to do next. Head 4 Success: College and Career Solutions is the product of nine months of gestation and development. I launched only two weeks ago as I forge ahead with my life, now that I finally have the time to do so!

It can be your turn too! If you want some help finding your direction, if you are in search of personal fulfillment, I am here to help. Give me a call, send me an email; this can be the beginning of the most exciting time of your life!

Before I know it, winter break will be here and there will be piles of laundry, many mouths to feed, and noise and chaos back in my house…and then I will be counting the days until they all go back!

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