My Empty-Nester Story; or, My Second Half.

Head 4 Success College & Career Counceling is my newest business venture. Throughout my life I have had a few. I started with aspirations of being an opera singer! I then became an elementary school teacher, a mother, a group facilitator for support groups for new moms, started a now 20-year-old small chain of childcare centers, worked as a consultant, went back to school for a second masters degree in counseling and worked in a college counseling center.

Now, it is time for me to take my own next step, enter what I refer to as the second half of my life, and begin all over again.

It is exciting, a little scary, and, of course, a risk. But really, I believe in what I am doing. I know I have the ability to help people gain greater insight to themselves, and am confident that by working in this industry I can make an impact in peoples lives and get them on the path that will bring them as much personal and professional fulfillment and satisfaction as I have found.

People ask me, “Why do you want to start a new business at 52? Your kids are out of the house, you finally have that long deserved empty nest, and you can finally relax, maybe play some tennis, and have some fun!”

While this may sound enjoyable for some, my empty nest is my signal that it is now time for me to start the second half of my life. I was completely committed to raising my family, being present in all of my kids’ activities, running a successful small chain of childcare centers (which I still do). But now, I want to tap into my inner interests and abilities and put them to use. The beauty of starting something new at this point in my life is that I now have wisdom, experience, and a great sense of humor!

I believe I have the ability to help others who may be facing their second half with less enthusiasm than myself. There are so many opportunities, so many options. It just takes the ability to take a chance, take that risk, and don’t be afraid. I explain to people, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” Easy answer: it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. So…you make changes, find a way to make it work, don’t give up, don’t be afraid, be willing to put yourself out there.

As an empty nester you have more experience than you even know. You have worked hard organizing, planning, negotiating, compromising and more, all to keep a family functioning. Look carefully at yourself and your skills. Now consider what interests you. What do you enjoy? Do you want to go back to work for someone else, or start your own business? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never felt you had the time?

If you need help putting the pieces of this puzzle together, don’t worry. I can help you find your path. There are assessment tools available that can answer these questions and point you in the direction of the second half of your life. Please contact me if you would like my guidance and advice taking your next step. I promise you, you will not regret it!

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