The Nest Was Almost Empty but then THE BAT FLEW IN!!!

My nest is officially empty! The last birdie flew the coop, not without a little excitement last night from an unwanted bat, which managed to fly in. Do you think the bat knew there was an upcoming vacancy?

All kidding aside, a bat really did enter our house last night, discovered by my warrior cat Oscar. We were able to escape our bedroom, where the bat was flapping its wings, get the cat out from under the bed, tie the bedroom door shut (of course the latch is broken), stuff towels in the space between the floor and the door, and then resume sleeping.

This morning, the bat emerged from under a damp washcloth in the shower. It was quickly bagged up by my husband, whom you can imagine was quite surprised when he reached for the washcloth in the shower only to have the bat fall to the shower floor in front of him! Animal Control has picked up the bat, still alive in the bag, from our house and will have it tested this week to see if it has rabies. If it does, my husband and I have to undergo prophylactic rabies vaccines (a total of 4) given out only at the hospital.

So, just when we thought the nest was empty, new excitement comes our way.  You never really know what to expect. (And that includes bounce-back kids coming home to the empty nest to roost after college!) The only good to come from this was the distraction from the sadness of the nest emptying out again for this school year.

I sure hope tonight is a bit calmer!

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  1. JLSimons says:

    We just had a bat get into our house a couple of weeks ago. We fended it off with pillows and “encouraged” it to fly out the window using a window screen as a shield. No contact, so no need to worry about rabies.

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