Future Empty Nesters: The Time Is Now

As I was driving to work this morning, leaving my empty nest, I realized how grateful I am that I have a place to go, a job to go to, purpose, direction, and focus. I was thinking about all the empty nesters I know and how hard it must have been to wake up today, the first day of public school in my town, with no children to get ready, wake up, hurry to the bus, and then eagerly anticipate their arrival home to hear all about the first day of school.

My advice to future empty nesters…start thinking about it now. This is the time to begin to explore how you want to fill the next half of your life. This is finally your chance to do what you want, what will make you happy, what will keep you motivated and fulfilled. There are lots of options out there for you and lots of ways to figure out what you might want to do.

I urge you not to wait until your house is empty and still. Start exploring options now. Look on the Internet, talk to friends, network with everyone you know, start to make lists of all your skills, your interests, your passions, and your dreams. If you need help taking the first step, Head 4 Success might be a great starting point.

Future Empty Nesters, the time is now! The kids are finally in school today, and now you can start to think about and plan for yourself!

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