Looking for your next step? All you need is an idea…

Are you an empty nester, career changer or even just a recent college graduate looking for your next step?

All you need is an idea.

The idea for Head 4 Success came when I least expected it. It all started with a surprise visit from a graduate school classmate. We were catching up and chatting about our lives and our aspirations. It was when he mentioned some very important work he was doing in the prison system that my light bulb went off; a spark went off and I had an idea.

At the time I was searching for what to do with the rest of my life. I knew I wanted to combine my passion for working with people and my experience in the fields of education and counseling. I needed to find a business that would fit in with my lifestyle. I quickly started churning out ideas and plans. Nine months later, Head 4 Success was born.

This is my third entrepreneurial endeavor. (One of the others, Almost Home Childcare, is entering its third decade of success.) It is exciting to have a new project. It is challenging to learn the ins and outs of social media. But it is so gratifying. It is mine. The idea was influenced by others and will be nurtured by me. My greatest hope is that I can help others take their next step towards reaching their personal fulfillment.

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