Parents of High School Seniors: An important tip for making the college search process cost effective

Are you the parent of a high school senior? If so, this information could save you lots of money on your child’s college education.

The truth is that every year in high schools all over the country, students have preconceived notions of which colleges are thought of as a “hot school” or a really popular one. High school seniors spend countless hours chatting, texting, tweeting and Facebooking their friends about their college searches, what they have heard, where they want to go, etc.

This is an important part of the college search process, but not the most important part. In order to get the most out of a college experience, the school must offer courses and majors that are of interest to the student. It is quite common for students to have no idea about what they want to pursue in college, and understandably so. They have had little choice in the classes they have taken so far, and most high schools cannot offer nearly the range in subjects that a college or university can.

One way to tackle this problem is to have the student take an interest inventory, such as the Strong Interest Inventory, which will identify their personal interests and provide examples of people in the working world with similar interests who are happy in the job they are in. This is an invaluable tool. It is fast, easy, and very interesting once the results are in. More importantly, the resulting information can play an important role in helping your student focus their college search towards schools that offer subjects they’re interested rather than just making the target list because they’re “hot” schools.

The Strong Interest Inventory is available through Head 4 Success College & Career Counceling

Head 4 Success is a streamlined, online service that can work with students to take the Strong Interest Inventory and other online assessments and evaluate them easily and quickly. This can ultimately minimize the possibility that your student will end up in a school they are not satisfied with and then have to transfer, lose credits and start over again — typically end up costing you money.

Careful research and planning can greatly increase the chances that your child will select a college or university that matches up with their personal interests. Believe me, as the mother of two college graduates, and one college student, the preplanning is a lifesaver.

Talk to your child about this option and see if they would be willing to explore their personal interests to they can insure they will make a meaningful and appropriate college choice.

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