Considering a Career Change? Try the Fantasy Career vs. Reality Career Exercise

Current Career: Founder and Counselor for Head 4 Success: College and Career Solutions & Founder/Owner/Operator of Almost Home Childcare & Preschool

My current career provides me with a sense of purpose, direction, a sense that I am helping children, teens and adults transition through life with love and support. It supports my livelihood. I have an office, computer, fax machine, a fantastic staff, an impeccable cleaning team, great teachers, creative and interesting children and clients, supportive families, lots of paperwork, lots of licensing requirements, lots of writing, organizing, training. I rarely have a pencil with an eraser, and sometimes my stapler disappears. I have mostly good days and always lots of laughs. Every now and then a good cupcake comes along, too. Sometimes I even get to watch firemen put on their gear and climb up the ladders into their truck. I wipe noses, I inspect mysterious bumps, rashes, and hives that erupt in unexpected locations on the tiniest little arms and legs. I even offer other entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their talents with our kids by teaching them soccer, karate, dance, or movement. Some learn French and others American Sign Language. Some learn to sit up and some can even walk on their own. This current career keeps me quite busy; it is not particularly relaxing, but a lot of fun.

Fantasy Career: Crazy Cat Lady

My Fantasy Career Change - Crazy Cat LadyThe only responsibilities my fantasy career requires are adopting abandoned cats and giving them a loving home, cat food, water, litter box and cat toys.

I only have two adopted cats. I had three until Easter Sunday, which was when my 12-year-old cat Zoe suffered a massive cardiac event, which killed her as she rested under my bed while I was reading. (Needless to say, this was a horrible evening and left all sorts of questions and discussions about what to do with her body. If you want the details, please email me personally; it is too upsetting to blog about.) Caring for these adopted cats requires minimal work and maximum pleasure. A can of food or two each day, as many cuddles as possible, maybe a little walk together outside, or for my cat Oscar, a nap in our bathroom sink. Ah, so simple, so loving, so relaxing.

Take the fantasy career vs. realistic career challenge

This may seem silly, but it is really a great exercise to go though if you are thinking about making a career change. Make two lists: a fantasy career and a realistic career. There may be more ways than you know to combine your passions into a realistic career. There are even people that can help you by using assessment tools and counseling and coaching sessions to get you motivated.

You never know what can happen. Just for fun, go get a pad and a pen, and let’s see how the two can meet. List the benefits, the good parts, the bad parts, the responsibilities, the challenges. Then take a look at the lists. Are there any attributes that appear in both lists, or aspects that you could easily combine into a new career where you can bring your experience and passions to bear while satisfying more of your desires?

In my case, if I really wanted to combine these two passions of mine, I would open a cat shelter, although I think I would have a hard time letting the kitties go!

If you need some help, let me know. I love helping people figure these things out and have even created a business that makes the process fun, interactive, and streamlined. Head 4 Success College & Career Counceling may be just what you need to take the step towards finding a career that fulfills those crazy things you listed on your fantasy list and the realistic items you worked on as well.

Hey, you never know what can happen and you only live once! Give yourself a chance to see what’s possible!

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