A Strong Work Ethic: Does It Still Exist?

What is your work ethic? Is it me, or are people just not getting what it means to have one? As an employer of a business with nearly 50 employees I find that my older or more “mature” employees have the lowest number of sick days or unplanned days off.

They get it. They understand the commitment they made when they accepted their job. They understand that their attendance is critical. They understand the domino effect that occurs when they do need to call out unexpectedly and never do so unless the situation is warranted.

What is wrong with the younger folks? Why do they believe it is okay to make up their own rules? Have we led them astray? Have they been brought up believing they are the center of the universe? Why don’t they have a strong work ethic?

I imagine there are many reasons as to this decline in moral character. We do a disservice to our kids when we don’t demand they follow through on commitments they make. Whether it is an athletic team, an orchestra, or a job. They are part of something bigger than themselves, and their part needs to be played. If the entire violin section cut out on a rehearsal, how far would the cellos and woodwinds get without the support of their fellow musicians? If the goalie didn’t turn up for a soccer game, how would it be possible for the team to play a competitive game? If the teacher doesn’t show up for class, how will the children learn?

Come on folks; make sure you are teaching the importance of dedication and commitment. Make sure that your children develop a work ethic that they can be proud of. Help them understand what it is to be part of a whole. I for one will be most appreciative!

And when they are ready to choose a college, or find their first job, or their second one, their chances of success will be much better with a strong work ethic than without one.

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