Why Is This Russian Dressing Fluffy?

“Why is this Russian dressing fluffy?” Are you kidding me?

This was the question posed to me by my loving husband of 28 years. I went to a deli, not the one I usually go too, but a good one none the less. I bought turkey, cole slaw, potato salad, Kaiser rolls, whitefish salad (for my daughter), pickles (the sour ones for him, the half sour for me) and I remembered to ask for the Russian dressing. I was so pleased with myself. A meal, dinner…I didn’t have to think about what to make when I got home. What a relief.

I schlepped the bag of goodies up the stairs, left them on the kitchen counter and announced, “Honey, it’s a fend for yourself night.” This is one of my favorites, and it never really means he has to completely dig up something for dinner, it just means the food is available, he can put it together whenever and however he wants.

So, he gets up, peruses the assorted goods and says, “Why is this Russian dressing fluffy?” My reply, “What the ____ are you talking about?” Well, it wasn’t the usual Russian dressing from the usual deli. It was different. He didn’t like the look of it, and therefore didn’t eat it. He then went on to tell me he also didn’t like the potato salad either. Now, he really is a very nice person and appreciates when I have a meal to feed him.

The point of this is that people are so reluctant to change. Who knows? Maybe he would’ve loved the fluffy Russian dressing, but he wouldn’t even try it, not even a teeny tiny taste!

It is so easy to get stuck. Whether you are stuck on the kind of Russian dressing you like or stuck in a job that you can’t stand, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Besides, you are not alone. There are people (like me) available to help unstick people like you, whether you’re looking to change jobs, or fill your empty nest, or even get unstuck and finish your search for the right college. People who can help you gain confidence and strength so taking a step towards something different is not so intimidating. There are assessment tools and counseling available that you can use to get yourself motivated.

You never know what can happen. For my part, I have a feeling that my next trip to the deli will be to the one at which I am sure he likes the Russian dressing!

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