Nature or Nurture?

I often wonder how much of who I have become is due to nature or nurture. My mother started out as a teacher and later became an art therapist. I started out as a teacher and am now working as a counselor. My sister-in-law was a teacher, and my daughter is a teacher. My father is an architect, my brother is an architect, and my second daughter is an interior designer specializing in kitchen design.

There appear to be talents that pass from generation to generation. In addition to the professional attributes mentioned above, it is evident in my family that various musical, artistic, and athletic skills have been passed down as well.

As children, are we inclined to follow in our parents’ footsteps because it is what we see, or do we possess a genetic predisposition that leads to a certain path? The answer to this question may never be answered scientifically, but it is food for thought. Especially when trying to figure out an educational or career path.

Looking within yourself and examining your true passions, interests, and abilities will help direct your future path. There are many ways to do this. Assessment tools are available. Counseling can offer assistance towards self-discovery. Examining a family tree may offer additional clues. Our family experiences often influence what we are exposed to, but are our talents and interests also wired into our DNA? I imagine that it is a combination of both, but it is an interesting phenomenon to think about when deciding on your college major or your career.

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