No electricity again? Really?

I live in Connecticut. For the second time in three months my town has been hit by a devastating storm that has virtually cut off all of the electricity in the area. There are trees and wires down everywhere, and it has been this way for four days now. During the last storm we had this past fall, we were without electricity for one week and it looks like we are destined for the same with this storm.

This is curious to me. I thought people needed jobs, needed work. There is so much work that needs to be done, but yet NO ONE is out working. The same limbs are hanging over the roadways, pulling the same wires down. Day after day I drive up my road only to find no change whatsoever.

If you need a job, I suggest you come to Connecticut with a chain saw and a big ladder. If you have experience working for an electric or cable company, I have a feeling you could work around the clock.

Maybe all the occupiers of Wall Street should take a field trip to Connecticut and do some freelance clean-up work. It may not be what they studied in college, but it is some good honest work and would be much appreciated.

If I sound frustrated, I am, along with all the other residents in my area who feel like we are going through the same thing as we did in September with no improvements and no lessons learned. It finally took the First Selectman to call in the National Guard for help with the tree removal last time.

So, job seekers, I have a job for you and I know a few thousand others who would likely hire you as well. Hey, you never know, you may even find that you’re a born arborist at heart. Who knows – when you take one step forward, you never know where the next step may lead.

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